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Marcus Degerman help organizations solve complex problems together and adapt to an everchanging world. I work as a management consultant focused on organizational development and behavior change. I have solved problems in chemical engineering projects, pharmaceutical production, academia, NGOs, telecom, logistics, and software development.

Many of the organizations and people I come in contact with, seem to be stressed all day without getting much done. They spend too
much time being busy with everyday tasks instead of taking the time to solve the critical challenges they should be spending their time on. I use my experience in organizational development, behavior change, and agile combined with research on motivation, improve collaboration, and reduce stress. A stressful environment reduces productivity, intelligence, creativity, and it increases sick leave and conflict.

I have ten years’ experience of working with process understanding and development in both academia and industry. Solve Problems Together should probably be counted as my third book; I wrote and self-published a sci-fi novel a few years back, and I have written a PhD thesis. It was focused on developing methods for robust optimization where I spent a lot of time visualizing and analyzing large datasets. I now use optimization theory and data visualization to help organizations find hidden problems and trends.

I have led training courses on collaboration and leadership since 2006.

Learning is my biggest passion. I am always looking for new books to read, courses to take, and opportunities to help other people learn. I try to share everything I find interesting.

I work at Softhouse Consulting as a management consultant.

You can find out more on LinkedIn or contact me.