Radical Relationships

Radical Collaboration® for couples

06 Top of the RockInterested in Radical Collaboration? Want to share an engaging training experience with your partner? “Radical Relationships” is Radical Collaboration (the full official course) with an added focus on close relationships. Only couples may attend the course. Sign up if you want to get the chance to:

  • Focus on the two of you and deepen your understanding of each others’ needs, strengths and preferences, to take a step further in your development together.
  • Practice your collaboration skills and get a whole set of tools and perspectives to support you.
  • Improve your way of handling conflicts. Both between the two of you and with others.
  • Share a new experience, and many new questions.
  • Gain skills that you can use both in life and work.
  • Laugh a lot!

What is Radical Collaboration®?

Radical Collaboration is a research-based approach aiming to help you strengthen your relationships, improve your way of handling conflicts, grow your personal leadership and build collaborative environments in your everyday life and work. It’s a unique training course that has been spreading fast across the planet The course is based on five skills that we will practice in many different ways:

  1. Collaborative Intention: Focusing on mutual gains in relationships.
  2. Truthfulness: Creating environments where people feel safe enough to tell the truth.
  3. Self-Accountability: People taking responsibility for their role in any situation as well as the intended and unintended consequences of their action or inaction.
  4. Awareness of Self and Others: Staying non-defensive and willing to explore difficult interpersonal issues in order to solve problems.
  5. Problem Solving & Negotiation: Negotiating conflicts in a way that builds relationships rather than undermines them.


Magdalena and Marcus met in 2008 and have been married for almost three years now. A little more than a year ago they started their new adventure as parents to an amazing little boy. They are both experienced trainers in leadership and conflict management, and are certified Radical Collaboration trainers, and coaches.


Magdalena works with facilitation, training and event design for courageous individuals and mission-driven organisations. She focuses on supporting intrapreneurship, personal leadership development and on helping groups become teams. Over the past 9 years she has worked with more than 6000 people, some of which you can read about here.

Marcus works as an Agile Coach at Softhouse Consulting where he helps organisations have a greater impact by increasing their creativity and productivity. He works with Agile methodologies and research-based methods to increase collaboration and decrease stress at work. He is also an avid reader and blogs about people and organisations here: Do Books Read?. He is currently halfway into a 90-day challenge to write a short story each day here: Do Books Write?.


  • Participants: Couples (yes, both of you need to attend 😉
  • Date: Sometime in 2017
  • Times: A weekend
  • Location: Somewhere in Sweden
  • Price per couple: Pay what you want between €530 and €3000 (5000 SEK – 28000SEK). (VAT included)
  • Travel, housing and food is not included in the price. We start after breakfast, end before dinner, and take a break for lunch.
  • Let us know if you are interested in joining

Pay what you want

The personal investment of time, energy and focus is something we ask of everyone attending the course. The financial investment is up to you, based on what you can and want to give. You can choose to pay the full participant fee (market value), or put in enough to cover the material costs for your participation. And any amount in between.

Every participant is an integral part to the training experience. We love what happens when we bring a diverse group of people together in a room. We believe that paying what you want can open more doors to that room. And we know that no matter what; what we all gain from these training experiences far exceeds the total investments made by all contributors. We hope that you’ll appreciate this invitation and our approach!

Let us know if you are interested in the course

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