Solve Problems Together


Solve Problems Together is my newly released book on how to collaborate to solve your most important problems.

One of the most difficult things for organizations is to solve problems collaboratively. People spend too much time trying to solve problems by themselves, sit quietly in meetings, or push their ideas on to others. It is first when we gather people and help them think together that they can start solving the critical and often very complex problems that face our organizations and our world.

Advance praise for the book

“I was given the opportunity to test some of your points yesterday. A Scrum Master in another team had fallen ill and I was asked if I could facilitate that team’s retrospective. With 35 min notice I accepted and I planned an agenda with some of your points in mind. It turned out beautifully, I think!”

“I tried out the first part of the book and it turned out really well. The participants noticed a huge difference, with a much better structure, more was discussed, and decided.”


This book is not about making your meetings more efficient or helping you have fewer meetings. It is about creating meetings where people feel focused, involved, open, and creative.

The book will give you simple tips and deeper ideas on how to solve problems together by

  • Planning and preparing to reach your goal.
  • Starting meetings with a common goal.
  • Creating a collaborative mindset.
  • Improving creativity and involving everyone by visualizing the problem.
  • Getting clear outputs and decisions.

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