Preparing for a meeting


Day 2. Feels good that some draft text has been written on Preparing for a meeting. What do you think?

There are two kinds of preparations before a meeting; the facilitator needs to prepare, and the participants need to prepare. These two preparations are completely different, and in many meetings, the facilitator is both a facilitator and a participant, in the sense that they are both there to lead the meeting and to give their input.The fac

The facilitator needs to find a way to fulfill the goal of the meeting. This means

  • finding the people who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and perspectives
  • Collecting information that they need to prepare before the meeting
  • Conveying the goal and its context in such a way that they understand why they should show up.

The participant needs to prepare by

  • Check the goal of the meeting and who else is coming and answer the question: Am I the right person to or who might be better suited?
  • Go through the information that is sent out and start thinking.
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