PowerPoint is never enough

Day 5 of my book writing challenge and I wrote two short part today.

PowerPoint is never enough

Even if you have sent out the information before the meeting, it can be a good idea to point out some crucial points, and also make sure people get some cues, so they remember what they read. PowerPoint is an amazing tool to create beautiful presentations, but it is not enough. The moment you change to the next slide, people will either have to remember the information on the slide, write it down, or forget it. To be able to discuss what was said and help everyone use their full cognitive abilities is if all the information is visible all the time.

One option is to print the material, so everyone has a copy each, or you could print the relevant information on A3 (or bigger by printing each slide on multiple pages). The reason I love to have all the information on the wall or the table is that everyone can see everything. You can quickly point at different aspects, and you can draw on it. To be able to do this is the foundation of a meeting that solves problems.

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