Three principles and three possibilities

I will think a bit more about the collaboration chapter before writing it. I need to find a way to make it clear and not just write all the ideas I have. Instead I focused on the three principles I try to use during the workshops and meetings I facilitate:

When everyone understands the goal of the meeting, what the outputs should be, and want to collaborate to reach it then it is time to start the meeting. There are three important principles for running the meeting:
Visualize all information so everyone can see it during the discussions
• All insights or patterns that you find should be drawn or written down.
• Write down all ideas, so everyone sees them.

People have only three options when ideas just are said or when you move to the next slide in your presentation; try to remember it, forget it, or write it down. It is easy to help people be present and be able to use all the information, insights, and ideas that are created during the meeting:

Write it down for them so they can see it.

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