I’m finishing the second week of writing on my book with more thoughts on prioritization. The plan is to publish the book on November 26th, and it still feels possible:

“I love to get a group to prioritize their work because it brings out all the right conflicts. Suddenly everyone can not get what they want, and they need to think about what is best for the group. Well sometimes they continue to focus on only their needs, but you can help them by asking one question:

If you could only get one of these done, which one would it be?

The group usually get frustrated about this one, but answering this question is one of the most constructive conflicts they can have. When they have answered it, you can continue by asking what they would work on if they could get on more done, and so on. But make sure that you don’t plan too far ahead, you just have to re-plan again and again.”

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