Making an idea concrete

Some thoughts on how to make an idea concrete enough to try. I will need to expand on this text a lot I think, but here is the overview.


You have not finished just because you have found your highest priority ideas. Now the fascinating part begins, and some new conflicts will emerge:
• Some ideas are not concrete enough which leads to different interpretations of how you should implement the idea.
• People will have different ideas how far to go with the implementation.
• And some will still be annoyed that their idea did not get picked or did not accept the group’s decision on which ideas to prioritize.

When planning how to implement an idea the first thing is not to start assigning who is responsible and delegating the problem to them, and it is not to create a detailed plan of execution either. Four steps are needed to plan an idea.
1. Idea: Defining what the idea was. Make sure everyone understands the basic idea and what it means
2. Goal: Connecting back to what you want to achieve and make sure it aligns with the goal.
3. Evaluate: How and when will you evaluate if the idea was successful in moving towards the goal?
4. Plan: Assign some people to implement the idea and define one or two first steps.

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