Making meetings more collaborative

Starting to wrap my head around how to explain how I try to create better collaboration during meetings. Here is a first paragraph and I will continue adding to this during the next few days.

Creating openness and reducing resistance
One of the most important things at the start of a meeting is to make sure people are open to new ideas and perspectives and to sharing their own. If your organization has blame-game culture and lots of conflicts, then the following won’t be a magical fix, but it might help a bit. One of the most useful models I know for this is FIRO theory developed by Will Schutz[1] but is better explained in Radical Collaboration[2] by Ron Luyet and Jim Tamm. FIRO theory says that when we feel significant, competent, and accepted then we feel safe and are collaboration focused. When the feel the opposite; excluded, humiliated and rejected. Then we either go into fight mode and focusing on winning and blaming others. Or we avoid any conflicts by staying silent or just saying yes to everything.

[1] The Human Element, Will Schutz
[2] Radical Collaboration, Ron Luyet & Jim Tamm

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