Collaboration and the feeling of significance

A first draft on making people feel more significant during meetings. I will probably need to rewrite it and I will add more concrete examples:

We all want to feel significant to the people around us, and we fear being excluded or ignored. Significance is about being seen and acknowledged. Some people want to be the center of attention or up on stage to feel fully significant, others just want some time to express their thoughts during a meeting, and for some it is enough to be invited. The most important part when it comes to meeting though is the part of being invited. Some people are so afraid to exclude people that they will invite way too many for a meeting, and other people don’t think about who they do or don’t ask that they hurt people’s feelings by not inviting them. We need a good balance for this, and you will in some instances need to talk to people and explain why they were not invited to a meeting. By spending some time with them on this will make them feel a bit more significant.

Simple ways to make people feel more significant during a meeting is to:
• Checkin
• Introduce new people to the group
• Give people time and space to talk
• Send out information before the meeting

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