Visualizing goal and context

I am starting on the visualizing data part of the book now, tomorrow I will share some concrete things you might want to visualize.


Visualizing data during the meeting is not about repeating everything again but giving people a tool to create better insights and ideas during the meeting. The data you need for a meeting is there to explain the goal and the context of the meeting. Visualizing the goal is about showing where we are now and where we want to reach, you want your team to feel that it is possible to achieve your goal while at the same time pushing them a bit, so they make it happen. Usually, it is extremely easy to reach a target if you don’t have to care about anything else, but that is not the case for most problems. The context shows us what else is related to the problem at hand and what we have to consider, so we don’t break too many things while fixing the current problem.

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