Visualizing reduces conflicts

Another thing that happens when you make sure people can see all the data, ideas and solutions on the wall is that people get disconnected from their ideas and from the data they present. Even in a conflict when you start to write ideas up people will stop facing one another directly and turn in the same direction looking at the wall. I’m not sure if this is true, but I believe that when people start facing in the same direction instead of directly confronting one another, then I think we start to consider one another as allies instead of enemies. There is a huge difference between saying:

“I don’t agree with you.”

And if someone points to a comment on the wall and say:

“I don’t agree with that idea.”

It also moves the ownership of the ideas from the individuals to the group. Which of these scenarios feels best:

“John’s idea is not that good, and I think Mary’s idea is the best. Let’s go with that.

“Look at all the ideas we have created. Which one would help us the most.”

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