Draft of book cover, 200 books sold, and some first impressions

So much happened this week: I created a draft of the book cover and also a synopsis. I also received an order of 200 books before it is even possible to order the book.

I have received some great feedback from my test readers, the book has become so much better because of them, and these two quotes made me so happy. It is just what I was hoping the book could accomplish:

“I was given the opportunity to test some of your points yesterday. A Scrum Master in another team had fallen ill and I was asked if I could facilitate that team’s retrospective. With 35 min notice I accepted and I planned an agenda with some of your points in mind. It turned out beautifully, I think!”

“I tried out the first part of the book and it turned out really well. The participants noticed a huge difference, with a much better structure, more was discussed, and decided.”

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