You can now order the book from Bokus if you are in Europe

I just found out that the Swedish book site,, ships my book within Europe. So if you have some knowledge of Nordic-languages you can go there and order it. I will let you know when it can be ordered through Amazon worldwide, but it will probably take a bit more time.

When I got the books I realised that I had made one error when I made the cover for the book. The text on the spine of the book is upside down. When I was designing the book cover, I remember thinking: Does it matter which way the text goes? I decided no and thought it looked good. But when I placed the book in a book shelf I realised I have the text in the opposite way from every other book in existence. It just made me laugh.

A friend, when she saw it,  said that it will make it even more noticeable when it is in a bookshelf. So I’m not going to change it.

There will be other errors in the book. Some grammatical. Some spelling errors. I do believe, though, that the message is clear, and it is easy to understand how to use the tips and ideas in the book.

I hope you enjoy it.

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