My next 90 day challenge – Creating an interactive version of the book

I have now spent two weeks taking it easy after the book release. Just enjoying the feeling of the book being available to anyone, and taking the time to gather some energy and thinking about the next step. I don’t have any exact sales numbers yet, but I know that people have started ordering it. I have copied the link for how to buy the book from to Bokus multiple times, and it has resulted in that all the ads I see online are from Bokus, featuring my book. I know I’m the only one seeing this, but it feels fantastic to see my book everywhere I go online.

The challenge is to create an interactive version of the book

The book contains a lot of tips and ideas for how to make your meetings and problem-solving sessions more creative and productive. I have tried to make it concrete and simple, but I know I can make it better. I think I can make it even more tangible and useful by creating templates and examples for the different parts of the book.

I have some ideas on what I want to do, but I need your help to find the relevant parts. After reading the book or the blog posts on this site:

  • What are your questions and comments?
  • What seems difficult?
  • What would help you make your meetings even better?

I will post the tools and ideas as I create them and I hope you will try them out and send me feedback and comments on them so that I can improve them. And on March 12 I will deliver an interactive version of the book. Not sure exactly what this will look like, but it will hopefully become clearer during the challenge.

Please send me your comments by e-mailing me, writing a comment on this blog or sending a message on Facebook.


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