Introducing the Meeting Focus canvas – the first step to a successful meeting

I’ve been to a lot of meetings and workshops where my biggest question is: Why are we here? Many times the person calling for the meeting has not taken the time to clarify what they want out from it nor why it is important to do this now. They either expect people to understand itContinue reading “Introducing the Meeting Focus canvas – the first step to a successful meeting”

Create better visualizations to make it easier to solve problems

One challenge when solving problems together is to create good visualizations of the ideas or data that you need to discuss. Scott Berinato shows a simple model and some useful tips in his article Visualizations that really work. He has two questions that I think are really good to answer before you try to design a graph or image:Continue reading “Create better visualizations to make it easier to solve problems”

Where is the problem?

This weekend we met a friend who is a freelance musician. We talked about a lot of things but especially about practice and developing yourself and your skills. When she is practicing for a new piece she will usually find one or more places that are hard to play, that she will need to practice over and over again toContinue reading “Where is the problem?”

A quick overview of the book

I needed to remind myself about the different parts in the book and created this mindmap. It contains the parts I will focus on when creating more concrete tools in the upcoming months. The next step is to make this overview a bit better looking and make sure it contains enough information to be useful, while not becomingContinue reading “A quick overview of the book”